1970 ex-PO Telephones 6cwt van

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1970 ex-PO Telephones 6cwt van

Post by unclealec »

Located in Manchester, I would like to find a good new home for my 1970 ex-Post Office Telephones 6cwt van.

It's a bit rat-rod (those blotches on the offside van body side - they aren't reflections, they are genuine rust!), with obvious areas needing paint, but other parts aren't bad, especially the rear doors.

The chassis has had repair panels grafted in, and will no doubt need further work as time progresses. It is standing up well to regular use.

Similar with the bodywork/ cab. Signs of repair, signs of more needed.

Many new parts incl. new van wheels, radial tyres, new rear brakes and cables plus refurb front callipers, stainless exhaust, front sidelights; all receipts exist.

Runs well with suspicions about the shock absorbers. It's a bit rolly. Maybe I'm just not used to the agricultural drive!

The gutters? Not bad for now. Will need attention in the future.

Price? £5000. I could be tempted with a cheap p/ex, maybe a 2-door saloon, work not objected to but nothing major.

I have a brand new ESM galvanised chassis for this; will sell to the purchaser of the van or if not then will sell separately, but I ain't selling the chassis until the van is sold. Price for the chassis will be £2.5k.
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