Diff Plug Tool

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Diff Plug Tool

Post by Chief »

As the following information is spread across multiple threads by multiple people, I figured it would be best to have just one thread to make it easier to find...

ESM: Drain Plug Tool - Differential (Fits Original SQUARE Hole Plug) - This is painted red.
ESM: Drain Plug Tool (Universal) - This is painted blue.
Draper No.1 - This is the original Draper universal drain plug tool (only available second hand).
Draper 7179 - This is the modern equivilent of the No.1 tool (available new online).
Additionally I have heard/read of some people using a 3/8" square socket.

While I had found no posts about ESM's universal tool (which shows no branding in the site photos) I did find at least one person who had to sand their Red Tool down to fit and likewise others who sanded down the Draper 7179.

There were no complaints of the Draper No.1 and having just purchased and used one, mine at least was a perfect fit.

As a small note, others have mentioned in other posts that you should clean the gunk out of the plug hole before starting as the build up of old oil/dirt can stop the tool fully going into the hole. A small screwdriver or even your fignernails (not recommended) can suffice.

Also depending on how tight the diff plug is, you may require a hammer or rubber mallet etc. I found holding the rubber mallet's head and hitting the lowest plug head (which was a good surface area) at the other end of the wrench effective as my filler plug was very tightly done up (took 10 minutes to get it to start turning) compared to the drain plug (took a few seconds, but was still quite stiff).
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Re: Diff Plug Tool

Post by myoldjalopy »

I found the red ESM tool to be useless as it didn't fit properly and the bend is too far back to get good leverage. I now use a socket wrench without issue.
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Re: Diff Plug Tool

Post by King Kenny »

Always undo the filler cap first. If it proves difficult, at least the diff will have oil in it so you can move the car if needed. only whe the filler is loose should you undo the drain. This way you know you can fill it up again.
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Re: Diff Plug Tool

Post by philthehill »

Just use a 3/8" square drive 'T' bar.
Does the job superbly.

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Re: Diff Plug Tool

Post by exlkrs »

I have an original Draper No1 tool, but 3/8 drive end works well. Additional bonus drain plug tip - If you come up against the large slot type of drain plug somewhere, end of tyre lever and pair of stilsons are your friend!
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Re: Diff Plug Tool

Post by svenedin »

I drained and refilled my diff today and I used a 3/8" socket drive. This worked very well as I could use the ratchet handle.

My diff had a slight leak from the drain plug and the oil was old and needed changing anyway. I meticulously cleaned out the threads of the filler and drain plug by chasing the thread groove with a small screwdriver. There was a lot of old muck in the threads. This seems to have cured the leak.

I have a small oil pump. This is very useful for filling the diff and also for the gearbox. It allows the gearbox to be filled from below with no risk of spilling oil inside the car. The only issue is that it is quite hard work with heavy oils like EP90. https://www.sealey.co.uk/product/563720 ... -mini-pump (available considerably cheaper than list price).

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Re: Diff Plug Tool

Post by millerman »

philthehill wrote: Wed Mar 13, 2024 7:02 pm Just use a 3/8" square drive 'T' bar.
Does the job superbly.
The easy way :tu1:
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