tyres 145 R14

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tyres 145 R14

Post by morris63 »

After doing some research 145/80r14 tyres seem to now be readly available. As well as MSM Morris Minors I found a company "The Blockley Tyre Company" and "North Hants Tyres" have them in stock, however add on Postage and fitting and the price goes up. I got mine from "Blackcirles.com" and the price included fitting at a local tyre shop. Byfar the best value. Hope this helps
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Re: tyres 145 R14

Post by olonas »

I used an independent local tyre/exhaust place, last year, to supply and fit 4 x Bridgestones. They had no problem sourcing them. The existing Firestones had been on the wheels for about 16 years and starting to show degredation to the rubber. :roll:
I didn't want someone unfamiliar with Minors, using a jack, so I removed all the wheels myself and transported them there.
Their fitted etc. price was no better or worse than elsewhere, including online sellers.
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